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Find Acidophilus bacterial cultures and probiotic supplements that contain micro-organisms. Help maintain a healthy digestive system by replenishing natural bacteria found in the gut.

Trace Minerals Research 55 Billion

Probiotic 55 Billion - 30 Capsules

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Nova Childrens Probiotic

Childrens Probiotic Powder - 30 Sachets

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Trace Minerals Research Liquimins

Greens Pak - 30 - 7.5g Sachets

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Trace Minerals Research Liquimins

Greens Pak Chocolate - 30 - 7.5g Sachets

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Trace Minerals Research

Reds Pak - 30 - 7.5g Sachets

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Acidophilus is a bacteria from the Lactobacillus family, they are found naturally in the gut and help and assist with maintaining and aiding a healthy digestion. There is evidence to suggest that when taken in food or supplemental form acidophilus probiotic supplements may help you maintain healthy intestinal flora and combat health problems such as, Candida overgrowth, antibiotic-associated thrush or diarrhoea travellers and diarrhoea.

Maintaining healthy intestinal flora can help combat harmful bacteria that can cause infections.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a common ingredient in many probiotic supplements, however it can vary in strength and is available in different strains each having different properties and could be beneficial for conditions like IBS. There is a great deal of research and scientific human clinical studies to back up the claims that lactobacillus acidophilus survives in the stomachs acidic environment.

When purchasing acidophilus it is important to check what strains are in the product and not just purchase generic products. High quality is the acidophilus supplements such as LB17 buy Osumex or 55 billion by Trace Minerals research are available in England from the Nova Detox website a UK based company supplying only the best quality probiotics.

Both are high strength with billions of live bacteria in each capsule combines with other important probiotic species for maximum benefit. High quality probiotic formulas that contain acidophilus as an ingredient in combination with other probiotic species and strains are best as they work in combination to help restore bowel flora and intestinal health.

Where to buy acidophilus from in the UK

If you want to buy probiotic supplements that contain the gut-friendly bacteria acidophilus take a look at the products available in our website.

The Lactobacillus acidophilus species can be found in most of our gut friendly probiotic products plus some of our food form supplements and bowel health products that contain probiotics. The products are available in as acidophilus capsules or baby probiotics in a sachet.

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