Adrenal Function Urine Test Kit

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Osumex Adrenal Function Urine Test Kit

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By Osumex
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Adrenal function home test

You can check if your adrenal gland is functioning correctly by performing a simple urine check on a urine sample.

This home test for the function of the users adrenals checks the urine for salt content and from this you will be able to ascertain if the adrenals are hyper, normal or fatigued.

Once you can determine the state of your adrenal function you will be able to take the necessary action to correct hyper or fatigued adrenals with an adrenal complex supplement or diet modification.

You could be suffering from adrenal insufficiency a condition that causes the adrenal glands to produce inadequate amounts of steroid hormones, mainly cortisol; however this can also include impaired production of aldosterone involved in the regulation of sodium conservation, potassium secretion, and water retention.

If you get craving for salt or salty foods this could be because of loss of sodium from the body in urine.

A dysfunction of the adrenal gland can be related to:-

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Exhaustion

Problems associated with a malfunctioning adrenal gland

There are many other symptoms of increased or deceased hormone production in the adrenal gland, if the adrenal problem is left untreated it may lead to :-

  • Weight gain

  • Hair loss

  • The body to lose the ability to cope with stress

  • Mood swings

  • A weak immune system

  • Hormonal imbalance


  • 4 x Pipettes

  • 1x bottle of indicator solution

  • 1x salt

  • 1x activator solution

  • Mixer tube

  • 10 x test result charts


Full easy to follow step by step instructions included.

Measure the salt (Sodium chloride NaCl) content in a urine sample quickly and accurately using a simple titration procedure.

Determination of the salt content in urine is based on the reaction of silver ions with chloride ions and silver chloride is precipitated quantitatively.

The end point of the reaction is made visible by the presence of the activator.

During the procedure, the urine sample remains light to dark yellow, when the urine sample turns to a light brown hue the test is complete.

  • Add 10 drops of the salt solution to the test tube

  • Add 1 drop of the activator solution, swirl the test tube to mix the solutions.

  • Add indicator solution drop by drop slowly, mixing the contents of the test tube

  • Check colour of sample against colour chart provided.

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