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Care Diagnostica Total Cholesterol Home Test Kit

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By Care Diagnostica
Product Name: Cholesterol Health Care Test

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Self cholesterol testing kits

Quick and easy home blood cholesterol test kits that can give an indication to see if your blood cholesterol is normal.

The kit checks for high cholesterol in blood, colour change when using the test kit denotes cholesterol levels, intensity of the colour developed by the reaction is proportional to cholesterol concentration.

Visual Cholesterol testing kits permit the semi-quantitative of whole cholesterol (LDL & HDL) levels.

The patient can perform the test by himself or herself, LDL cholesterol test and HDL cholesterol home test kit for cholesterol levels.

This test is useful to monitor cholesterolemia in people with diabetes, high blood pressure and familial hyper cholesterolemia.

It is specially recommended for people with familial cases of heart diseases before the age of 60.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance known as a lipid, it is mostly made by the liver from the fatty foods we eat and is vital for the normal functioning of the body.

Having an excessively high level of lipids in your blood "hyperlipidemia" can have a serious effect on your health as it increases your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

It is recommended to check blood cholesterol levels of all people who smoke, drink alcohol and eat a fatty diet and are over weight or do not exercise regularly.

This test should not replace quantitative method for the determination of blood cholesterol.

High cholesterol foods in your diet could be making you ill, changing your diet and adopting a healthy eating plan.

Consuming more healthy food or taking nutritional supplements can help in lowering your cholesterol levels.

Simple to use blood cholesterol testing kit you can use at home to give an indication of high blood cholesterol levels or low cholesterol levels.


Contents of cholesterol test kit (CE approved manufactured in EU)

  • 1 test disc, 1 micro-lancet

  • 1 buffer solution, 1 plaster

  • Instruction for use

How to check your cholesterol at home

Conducting the cholesterol test is easy just a few simple additional items are required.

  • Sterile gauze

  • Timer or watch displaying seconds

The principle of test is based on the reaction Cholesterol Esterase/Cholesterol Oxidise/Peroxidase/chromogen.

Cholesterol concentration is estimated by comparison with comparative cardin the range 150-400mg/dl.

Comparative card is included in the box. Intended use for rapid determination of blood cholesterol.

Full information and instructions (Step by step instructions with images) including stinger for extracting drop of blood to test for cholesterol levels & plaster.

  • Open foil wrapper containing test device and remove test device for checking blood drop for cholesterol.

  • Taking care remove the plastic protective cover from the stinger by twisting it, now the device is ready for use.

  • Press stinger device firmly against finger, and press button.

  • To make sure you get an adequate drop of blood put finger in warm water first to increase blood flow.

  • Place drop of blood on reactive disk in circle, make sure you completely cover the circle.

  • Cover finger with plaster provided. Wait 3 mins for reaction to take place, peel back the strip.

  • Rotate the arm to match the colour segments on the wheel. The Number in window indicate the cholesterol level


A comparative colour card is included in the box to compare your results from the blood cholesterol levels test Intended use is for rapid determination of blood cholesterol levels . LDL cholesterol test and HDL cholesterol test for cholesterol levels.

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