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Chromium test

Home chromium testing kit for toxicity, poisoning and contamination in water and the human body.

Test urine for chromium levels if you are concerned about pollution exposure.

Toxic effects of heavy metal contamination can be poisonous, ingestion is dangerous and can lead to illness and in some case be fatal.

You could be suffering from poisoning symptoms, use this simple home health check exposure levels.

We also offer specialist heavy metal testing kits for many other heavy metals.

Or try a hair heavy metal test for accurate laboratory results with dietary recommendations.

Toxicity heavy metal poisoning symptoms

Breathing in high levels of chromium can cause:

  • Irritation to the nose, such as runny nose, nosebleeds, and ulcers and holes in the nasal septum

  • Ingesting large amounts of chromium can cause stomach upsets and ulcers, convulsions

  • Kidney and liver damage

  • Death

Skin contact with certain chromium compounds can cause skin ulcers.

Some people are extremely sensitive to chromium or chromium (III). Allergic reactions consisting of severe redness and swelling of the skin have been noted.

Several studies have shown that chromium compounds can increase the risk of lung cancer.

Animal studies have also shown an increased risk of cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that chromium is a human carcinogen.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has determined that certain chromium compounds are known to cause cancer in humans. The EPA has determined that chromium in air is a human carcinogen.

The exact level where chromium becomes toxic is not clear. The recommended therapeutic value is between 50 - 200 ppm, however, this is applicable only to organic chromium that the body absorbs and retains and therefore not usually excreted and found in urine.

The toxic form of chromium is inorganic chromium that the body does not absorb and therefore eliminated in urine. It is this inorganic chromium that requires testing and its presence should be 0.


Testing kit contents

  • 1 Colour strip on box of the kit

  • 1 Test Instruction Sheet

  • 1 Large Test-tube

  • 1 Indicator stick

1 vial with clear cap - Reagent 1 (contains 10% sulphuric acid and care must be taken as it is corrosive - please avoid contact with skin or eyes


Testing kit preparation

  • Remove the indicator stick and small vial from the large test tube

  • In the empty large test-tube, add 5 ml. of the solution to be tested

  • The solution is now ready for testing


Chromium testing kit use

  • Pour the contents from clear-cap vial (colourless Reagent 1) into the large test-tube. Note: the pH of this solution to be tested should be at 1 or less at this time

  • Put the indicator stick into the mixed solutions (now turned acidic) in the large test-tube for one (1) second. Note: The reaction surface of the indicator stick must be completely immersed into the mixed solutions in the large test-tube

  • Remove the indicator stick from the large test-tube and wait for 15 seconds
  • Add the required volume of the sample solution (saliva, water, urine, etc) to be tested

  • Close with the cap and shake gently. Allow the solutions to stand on the cap of the test tube for 1 minute.

  • A colour change will indicate the presence of chromium (chart on label of kit).


Result is measured accurately in parts per million. Tests the presence of ions of chromium to a high degree of accuracy to detect contamination in the body, waterand urine.


Please keep in a safe place away from the reach of children or pets.

Once the test has been completed dispose of the solution safely by flushing down the toilet.

The contents of the kit should not come in to contact with food or consumables.

Wash hands after use.

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