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Urinalysis test strips

The 10-P- Test literally means the glucose urine test strips can detect 10 different health conditions.

A very useful home test kit for early warning signs of health problems, especially testing for diabetes mellitus or type -2 diabetes from the blood glucose in the urine.

This test kit can detect :-

  • Bilirubin

  • Blood glucose-diabetes

  • Ketone (acetoacetic acid)

  • Leukocyte

  • Nitrite

  • pH levels

  • Protein

  • Specific gravity

  • Urobilinogen

The benefits of using this kit

If bilirubin levels are extremely high you could have jaundice, this is a condition where the skin and whites of the eyes have a yellowish tinge.

Too much bilirubin may indicate that red blood cells are being destroyed, or the liver is not removing all the bilirubin from the blood.

Bilirubin is the yellow-red pigment in human bile, it is measured by doctors to detect liver diseases like cirrhosis and hepatitis, and also gallstones.

It is a good test for the detecting the early warning signs of diabetes either mellitus or type-2 diabetes from the presence of glucose in the urine.

If the glucose test strips detects high levels it may be necessary to contact your doctor, as it may suggest the onset of type-2 diabetes.

Ketone test

The presence of ketone's in the urine is linked the diabetes and means that your have a lack of insulin in the body. Ketone's can accumulate in the blood and can alter the acid levels of the body.

Ketone's, which are formed when fats in the body are broken down, are an alternative energy source, and are usually only present when there is insufficient glucose to meet the body's energy requirements.

Ketone's can occur in small quantities in someone without diabetes, after prolonged fasting.

The presence of insulin, however, normally suppresses the production of significant amounts of ketone's, in people with Type 1 diabetes who are deficient in insulin (perhaps because they have forgotten to take their insulin injections, for example).

Ketone's can be produced in large amounts because, although there is plenty of glucose available in the blood, the body is unable to use it for energy without insulin.

Ketone's accumulate in the blood, altering the acidity (the pH level).

Ketone's are removed from the body in the urine and via the lungs in the breath.

Ketone's have a distinctive ‘pear-drop’ smell or nail varnish type odour, which you may notice on someone's breath when you are close to them.

In people with diabetes, ketone's are a sign of very poor diabetes control.

If ketone's build up in sufficient quantities in the blood, the condition of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) develops , which is a medical emergency.

Testing for ketone's when the blood glucose is high, especially if the person with diabetes is unwell, is essential to identify DKA, or to prevent it developing further, by treatment with fluids and insulin.


Each Osumex 10-P Test kit consists of a test-tube, 10 strips contained in a pouch, colour chart to check results of the test and an insert on usage and information on how to read the results from the test


How to Use the diabetes urine test kit

  • Remove the pouch containing the test strip from the box

  • Collect the urine sample in a container and transfer to the test tube provided with the pipette

  • Open the pouch at the end marked by the label

  • Remove the test strip carefully making sure that you do not touch the indicator areas on the strip

  • Immerse the indicator areas of the test strip completely into the urine sample for 1-2 seconds

  • Remove the test strip by sliding the back side of the strip along the edge of the test tube to remove excess urine

  • If necessary place the back of the test strip on a piece of tissue or absorbent paper to dry the edges of the test strip making sure that there is no run of urine down the strip to avoid contaminating the results.

  • Compare the resultant colour on the test strip to the colour chart provided. Take note of the reading time and it is important to read each result at the respective time indicated


Test results are obtained by direct comparison of the resulting colour change of the indicator areas on the test strip to the colour chart provided.

The results are time sensitive and should be read accordingly, starting from 30 seconds for glucose to 2 minutes for leukocytes.

It is best to test first morning urine . Test immediately upon collection of urine sample or within 5 minutes so that there is no settling of the urine.

If user wishes to test later, it is recommended that the urine sample be refrigerated until it is time to test.

The urine should be allowed to warm back to room temperature and gently stirred for uniformity before testing.


The presence of glucose in urine especially if at high levels suggests uncontrolled diabetes . Even if the level is low, further tests need to be done to confirm.

The user needs to test again one week later or consult the user's professional health care giver.

If left unchecked, this may lead to the onset of Diabetes Mellitus or Type-2 Diabetes , once this happens the condition is irreversible.

Thereafter lots of other health issues may arise because diabetes affects the condition of the blood - the life-force of the body.


The presence of bilirubin in urine, even at trace amounts are considered abnormal.

Normally there should not be any bilirubin in urine and positive results must be followed up.

Either the user needs to re-test to confirm the positive result and or follow up on this with the user's professional health care giver.

Bilirubin is a breakdown product of haemoglobin and its presence may suggest liver or gall bladder dysfunction .


The presence of ketone in urine suggests that the body is burning fat for energy.

Normally no ketone's are present in urine although detectable levels may be found during physiological stress conditions such as fasting, pregnancy, strenuous exercise, starvation diets, and other abnormal carbohydrate metabolism situation.

High levels of ketone's may indicated ketosis and while this is not considered a harmful state, it may cause the body's pH to become acidic .

Specific Gravity (SG) Twenty four hour urine from normal adults with normal diets and normal fluid intake would have a SG of between 1.016 - 1.022 .

In severe renal damage the SG is fixed at 1.010 which is the value of the glomerular filtrate.

Therefore if the SG reading is low or very high, user needs to follow up with further tests and user's professional health care giver.


The presence of blood in urine may indicate problems with the urinary tract . Blood may be frequently but not always found in the urine of menstruating females. Any green spots or green colour developing in the indicator area within 40 seconds is significant and must be followed up.

pH lvles

pH of first morning urine should be within the range of 6.5 - 7.5 for a health state , we also sell pH test strips .

The pH of cancer patients or those with cardiovascular diseases or anyone with serious health problems is usually 5.0 or less.


The presence of protein in urine may indicate the filters in the kidney, glomeruli, are damaged .

A colour result matching any colour greater than trace amounts indicates significant protein in urea. Proteinuria occurs if a condition known as glomerulonephritis or nephritis exists.

A negative result may not rule out the presence of proteins and the test is sensitive to 15 mg/dl albumin.


The presence of urobilinogen in urine of 2.0 Erhlich per decilitre is considered significant and must be followed up.

Increased urobilinogen in urine indicates hepato-cellular dysfunction or increased bilirubin formation suggesting liver problems.


The presence of nitrite in urine indicates infection with the bladder and or urinary tract .

The test is specific to nitrite and will not react with any other substances normally excreted in urine. Leukocyte The presence of leukocyte in urine suggests inflammation of the kidney and or urinary tract .

Normal urine generally would give a negative result and a tract result can be considered significant and re-tests are strongly recommended.

Repeated trace results should be considered clinically significant and followed up with the user's professional health care giver.

Note: These tests should not be used as a conclusive diagnostic tool or evidence of diseases but more as a preliminary detection of possible health issues so that the user can consult or follow up the user's professional health care provider. As with all home tests, definitive diagnostic or therapeutic decisions should not be based on a single test result.

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