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Free radicals

Free radicals are utilized by the body to destroy and stop invading harmful bacteria and viruses, if they are properly controlled they are important for maintaining a healthy body.

Excessive free radicals can cause degenerative diseases, studies and researches have indicated they can cause degenerative diseases such as:-

  • Cancers

  • Tumours

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Alzheimer's

  • Parkinson's

  • Arthritis.

Free radicals can also lead to accelerated ageing and over time can deplete the immunity of the human body. free radicals react with the body's cells causing damage to the DNA and hindering cell reproduction.

Free radicals stop the body from renewing itself and dying cells are not replaced quickly enough, the consequence is rapid ageing , this is clearly seen in the skin where excessive free radical activity causes tangible evidence of skin ageing .

We supply a range of supplements that help aid skin repair and stop premature skin aging .

The human body's immune system cells deliberately create free radicals to neutralize viruses and bacteria, other major causes of their presence are heavy metals , stress, smoking, excessive alcohol , air pollution and other environmental factors.

We need to be careful with what we consume, drink and breathe to avoid increasing free radical activity in our body.

Heavy metals especially inorganic heavy metals are becoming an increasingly common source of free radicals. It is important therefore that checking for heavy metals in the body is one of the steps taken to control free radical activity in the body.

An effective way to control free radical activity in the body is to consume sufficient antioxidants , most of the necessary antioxidants can be found in food such as

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Food rich in vitamin C

  • Food rich in Vitamin E

Antioxidant nutrients can help protect the body against free radical damage, however taking supplements to reduce free radicals is sometimes essential to helps boost the immunity of the body.

It is a good practice to measure free radical activity in the body on a regular basis. Malondialdehyde is a by-product of free radical activity and this is what the test kit measures.

If excessive free radical activity is found, it is recommended that you test at least once every few months until it is brought under control to make sure free radicals in the body are not running rampant!


Simple, inexpensive, easy to use kit which provides result in minutes.

The test can be done at the user’s leisure at home.

Simple easy to follow instructions provided in the kit.


The kit consists of:

  • Test tube - container for the sample of mid-stream urine for testing

  • Ampoule - contains chemical compound that will measure the presence of MDA

  • Pipette - to transfer the urine from the test tube to the ampoule

  • Cotton wool - protect the ampoule from being breaking during shipment and for cleaning


Malondialdehyde (MDA) is a by-product of free radical activity and this is what the test kit measures.

Compare results from test against an easy to read colour chart provided

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