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Glucosamine is found naturally in the body, however it is not readily available in the diet. Buy Glucosamine products online from Nova Detox.


Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance in that is found in the healthy human cartilage and is partly responsible for the joint health and supporting the connective tissues in the joints.

Glucosamine stimulates cartilage production and can help to reduce inflammation and joint pain. Glucosamine sulfate helps make up glycoaminoglycans in cartilage matrix and synovial fluid.

Glucosamine is also often taken in combination with chondroitin, a glycosaminoglycan derived from articular cartilage.

Evidence suggests that taking glucosamine sulphate supplements enhanced with chondroitin can have a beneficial impact in the treatment of osteoarthritis and help speed up the repair of damaged cartilage and enhance the bodies natural repair mechanism.

Maintaining healthy cartilage

Healthy cartilage requires three things to perform its role in protecting and cushioning the joints as we move our body. Water is required for lubrication, proteoglycans help to attract and hold the water and collagen to hold the proteoglycans in place.

The function of proteoglycans is to act as mesh like threads that weave through the collagen, holding water in place to lubricate the and nourish the collagen.

When we experience joint damage the cartilage can become weakened, the proteoglycans leak water and cause the cartilage to lose its source of nourishment and lubrication.

The important role of Glucosamine

Glucosamine is fundamentally important in the production of proteoglycans helping to increase the bodies production of this vital component of healthy cartilage

Supplements that are sources of Glucosamine

If you want to increase the intake of glucosamine in your diet you have to take glucosamine supplements as there are no major food sources of glucosamine readily available.

Glucosamine supplements contain chitin or the Aspergillus niger fungus as a vegetarian source of this important nutrient.

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