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General metals check

Heavy metal test kit to check urine, tap drinking water, soil and other materials for heavy metals poisoning and toxicity in the home.

Test urine for heavy metal levels if you are concerned about heavy metal pollution exposure.

Toxic effects of heavy metals contamination can be poisonous, ingestion is dangerous and can lead to illness and in some case be fatal.

If you have been exposed to heavy metals you may possibly be suffering from the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.

Use this general test to :-

  • Test for Cadmium

  • Test for Cobalt

  • Test for Copper

  • Test for Lead

  • Test for Manganese

  • Test for Mercury - including mercury amalgam poisoning testing

  • Test for Nickel

  • Test for Zinc

The test is a general test for heavy metal poisoning that will indicate the presence of metal ions in urine or water samples.

To test for the specific metals listed above and others, we also offer specialist heavy metals test kits for greater accuracy.

If the general heavy metals test kit detects the presence of metals you should consider using a specific heavy metals testing kit.

Or try hair analysis for accurate laboratory results with dietary recommendations.

Urine test specimen preparation

The urine specimen to be tested should come from second morning urine. Samples taken during the day may be tested but the results might be less accurate.

Use 3-4 ml for the urine for the analysis.

When you test urine for heavy metal poisoning, the solution may be more stable and the colour may not occur for up to 10 minutes.

The solution turns to a bright yellow-orange after 30 minutes caused by the decomposition of the reagents and should be ignored

Check saliva specimen preparation

Sputum (saliva) specimen preparation for amalgam fillings, depending on the surface condition of amalgam fillings, their release of mercury ions into the oral cavity may be screened accurately.

Users need to chew a stick of sugarless gum for about 10 minutes. Please do not swallow the saliva and collect about 2-3 ml of saliva for screening for mercury.

When testing for mercury heavy metal poisoning from amalgam fillings a saliva test must be used.

How to test water

Heavy metal water test preparation is not necessary, the tap water or other water collected can be tested and the reaction (result) would be immediate.

Always use first morning water sample from faucet or tap.  Use 3-4 ml. of the water sample for testing for heavy metal toxicity.

Specimen preparation for other materials

For testing other materials such as dust, dirt, paint, milk, food, etc for metals.

Take a small amount of the material to be tested and place in a plastic container. Add about 30 ml. of distilled water to the material.

Shake the contents vigorously and allow to settle overnight (at least 24 hours). Screen the water the solution for presence of heavy metals . Use 3-4 ml. of the water sample for testing.

Dishes or glasses

Use only distilled water, pour distilled water into the glass or dish to be tested.

Let the solution to stand for at least 12 hours before testing the solution, Use 3-4 ml. of the water sample for testing.

For most other solid items the best way to test for heavy metals would be to soak the item in distilled water for up to 24 hours.

Alternatively, it might be necessary for the item to be treated with a weak acid to extract the heavy metals ions.

Please contact us if the item to be tested is not discussed above. Use 3-4 ml. of the water sample for testing Note:  Adding 3 - 4 ml of the sample solution to the test tube should fill it to about 2/3rd.

Various medications or supplements taken by the user may have an impact on the results when testing for heavy metals in the body fluids.

Birth control pills often produce elevated levels of copper in the blood.

Drugs taken for high blood pressure frequently contain diuretics which increase the amount of liquid discharged and dilute the urine.

The intake of vitamins should be discontinued 1 day before performing the test.

It is also recommended that use of iron and trace element supplements be stopped for a few days before using the test kit.

The user is advised to limit the intake of liquids, especially tap-water, 24 hours prior to the conducting a testing for heavy metals.


  • Colour chart on plastic packing

  • 1 Test tube with special white cap

  • 1 vial containing clear test solution

  • Pipette / Dropper

  • Instruction sheet


How to use this testing kit

  • Add the required volume of the sample solution (saliva, urine, water, etc) to be tested in to the green solution in the test tube using the pipette provided

  • Close the test tube with the cap and shake vigorously. Allow the solutions to stand on the cap of the test tube for 1 minute (see below if testing urine).

  • Observe a band or ring of about 1 cm. wide just below the surface of the solution in the test tube.

  • A colour change will indicate the presence of the heavy metals (chart on label of kit).

  • If the ring turns grey it indicates that there is more than one of the metals present at the same level of concentration (see chart on label of kit).

  • If there is no colour change, i.e. the solution stays green, there are no heavy metals present.

When heavy metal urine test is conducted, the solution may be more stable and the colour may not occur for up to 10 minutes.

The solution turns to a bright yellow-orange after 30 minutes caused by the decomposition of the solution and should be ignored.


  • A Green colour result - no metals present

  • A Gray colour result - presence of a combination of the metals at the same concentration at a low level

  • A Bluish Purple to Brown  colour result - presence of Copper and possibly Cobalt

  • A Beige colour result - presence of Cadmium and possibly Nickel

  • An orange colour result - presence of Mercury and usually when no other metals are present

  • A pink to red colour result - presence of Zinc and Lead


Please keep in a safe place away from the reach of children or pets.

Once the test has been completed dispose of the solution safely by flushing down the toilet.

The contents of the kit should not come in to contact with food or consumables.

Wash hands after use.

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