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Care Diagnostica Diabetes Test Kit

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Diabetes home testing

This diabetes test kit enables you to check your blood glucose levels with a drop blood from your finger, monitor your health easily at home with this self test kit for diabetes.

This CE approved test provides accurate, reliable results in seconds.


Diabetes prevalence between 2012 (March 2013) in the UK is approximately 4.6 % of the population.

The risk of developing this illness is significantly higher if any of your first-line relatives (parents, siblings) already have it.

Severe thirst, frequent need to urinate and unexplained weight loss are some of the symptoms.

Other symptoms include tiring easily and blurred vision, obesity and lack of physical activity also increase the risk of developing this condition.

What are my chances of developing this illness

You could be diabetic without knowing it, as many half of the people who may be affected by don't know they have it.

Modern unhealthy diets, poor nutrition, obesity and lack of exercise are the main causes.

If you have it and are diagnosed early, you can be treated before this illness and its complications develop.

Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease and stroke and the main cause of kidney failure, limb amputations and blindness in adults and cases are on the rise in the UK.

Not following a healthy eating plan, consuming high amounts of processed food and an unhealthy lifestyle all contribute to rising cases.

Most cases can be treated with lifestyle changes, dietary measures and oral medication.

Early diagnosis is critical, that's why its good to check blood glucose levels regularly.

Diabetes is one of the world's most prevalent illnesses: it is estimated that perhaps more than a million people in the UK are manifesting this condition.

Early diagnosis detected with the aid of our quick and easy-to-use diabetes home finger prick blood sugar self check will help to prevent future complications.

It is estimated that there are over three quarters of a million people in the UK have this illness but do not know it.

What are the long-term effects of a high blood glucose level?

In the long-term high levels of glucose in the blood can damage all the blood vessels in the human body.

High blood sugar can lead to impaired eyesight, kidney failure, nerve damage, erectile dysfunction and poor wound healing capability.

People with high blood sugar have a significantly higher risk of cardiac arrest and strokes.


Contents of kit

  • 2 test discs (foil wrapped)

  • 2 micro-lancet

  • Instruction for use


  • Use lancet contained in the kit to obtain a drop of blood from your finger for the required blood sample.

  • Place the drop of blood on the strip and wait for 30 seconds.

  • Match the colour on the strip and read off your blood glucose level.

  • Sample: 1 drop of whole blood

  • Methodology: Enzymatic quick check for visual evaluation

  • Evidence: Blood glucose level

Reading the results

If your blood glucose level is between 72 mg/dl (4 mmol/l) and 108 mg/dl (6 mmol/l) you are within the normal limits.

If you are well below or above the normal limits please consult your doctor.

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