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SelfCheck Multi Drug Test Kit

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Product Name: Multi Drug Test

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Instant drug test kit

Home drug test kits to check a urine sample for multi detection of six types of drugs including opiates, cannabis (THC/ Cannabinoids ) and cocaine.

A simple home screening test that provides instant results, can be useful to test yourself, by employees or for concerned parents.

The test is posted in plain packaging offering a discreet private service .

Home drug testing kits for quick, instant rapid one step drug detection of the 6 commonly abused drugs

For detection of common illegal drugs in urine :-

  • Cocaine drug test kit

  • Cannabis drug test kits (THC) drug test kit

  • Opiates drug test kit

  • Amphetamines test

  • Methamphetamines test

  • Benzodiazepines test

Many parents worry about their children becoming involved with drugs.

Easy, simple drug test kits for home use for quick urine drug testing and analysis.

Performing random drug testing of employees can ensure employees are not a danger to themselves, other employees or members of the public by consuming drugs of abuse (either on or off the premises)

The idea of testing urine for the presence of drugs of abuse is to deter your staff from using drugs.

Contents of test

Contents of drug test home kit:

  • 1x multi panel cassette

  • Full drug testing kit instructions leaflet

Please read the full instructions of the drug testing kit enclosed in the box before attempting the test.

How to use the test

Please read the full instructions of the drug test kit enclosed in the box before attempting the test.

The drug test is conducted by immersing the test panel in a urine sample, and interpreting the results from the coloured lines.

Results from test

If a negative result is obtained then it is unlikely that the urine sample contained any of the drugs which are tested for.

If a positive drug test result is obtained it is likely that the sample contained traces of that particular drug.

Always consult your doctor for further tests and diagnosis.

Do not make any medical decisions without consulting a doctor first.

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