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Ovulation test

Over the counter ovulation test, use this home predictor to check for a surge in LH hormone levels in urine, discover which days you will ovulate and the best day for getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy, rapid testing with easy to read results.

This test is an immunochromatographic (visual colour change) based one step quick test that aimed at qualitative detection of Luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine.

What is Luteinizing hormone?

Luteinizing hormone (LH) is always present in human urine, LH rises considerably in women just before the day which is most appropriate to get pregnant, this is generally called ovulation LH surge.

This LH rise triggers ovulation and this means that the eggs are released from ovaries.

Best time to use an the kit

Best test timings are 11am and 3 and 5pm in the afternoon and 10pm at night.

Eggs can be fertilised only 6 - 24 hours after ovulation happens, because of this reason determination of ovulation by testing LH rise is so important.


  • Detector test

  • Disposable plastic pipette

  • Silica gel bag as humidifier

You will also need a sample container, this is not included in the kit.


Simple to use, with step by step instructions.

Preparing the sample:-

  • The urine sample (take a sample from the midstream of urine) must be collected in a clean dry plastic or glass or container without any additives or preservatives.

  • The sample that is taken must be stored at room temperature +4 to +30C


The test can detect 25mlU/ml LH in urine


  • This product is good at diagnosing LH levels in human urine only.

  • Any false positive can be possible because of the materials in urine and test usage facilities

  • The results are not enough to give an exact identification, the final diagnosis should be completed by a physician.


Understanding ovulation test results

To read the results simply observe the window on the ovulation predictor kit.

  • Dark line on C region then the result can be read as negative

  • Ovulation kit faint test line on both C and T region, then the result can be read as negative.

  • Two dark lines both on region C and T then the result can be read as positive

  • Two lines on the ovulation predictor test kit and the line on T region is darker then the result can be read as positive

  • Ovulation predictor kit no line after 10 minutes the result is invalid.

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