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Vegan pea based protein powder

Unflavoured vegan and vegetarian protein powder, fortified high quality green pea protein with the added benefits of phyto nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, 100% NON GMO plant based green pea protein with other natural pure high quality ingredients, see all our healthy protein drinks.

This easy to mix, low in calories, low carb, dairy free and gluten free complete high protein source that tastes great and has an excellent amino acid profile.

With zero added sugar, pea protein is good for men or women who are following a weight loss plan, as a meal replacement or for people who want to build muscle, making it great for vegan body-building.

With a low glycemic index (GI) this pea protein has 19g per 28g serving plus the addition of 9 herbs and phyto-nutrients making it a good source of daily vitamins.

Not many whole foods can compare with this great tasting unflavoured nutritional vegan protein, its an excellent alkaline food, a natural antioxidant and low sodium.

Health benefits of pea protein

Benefits include the fact that it does not cause constipation, diarrhoea, gas or bloating and is easy to digest unlike some other protein sources.

Peas are well-known for being a rich, low fat source of highly bio-available protein, levels are concentrated from the normal level of 6% in fresh peas, to around 80%!

Advantages of this food supplement

  • Low in fat, low calorie, low sodium and contains no cholesterol.

  • Digestion time is quicker than other forms of protein.

  • No bloating or gas so no uncomfortable feelings after consumption.

  • Gluten free and has a sweet taste and a texture which mixes well in liquid solutions, so is great for making shakes.

  • Hypo-allergenic supplement that is a good source of protein for people with certain food intolerance such as lactose, gluten and other food allergies.

  • Drinks made with this product are free from additives, preservatives, artificial colourings.

You can also blend with fruits such as bananas for making a smoothie or shake mix to make a tasty healthy drink for a home detox.

Can be blended in recipes with soups and stews to provide a great vegetarian and vegan protein source, helping you boost your daily intake.

This supplement is ideal for people wishing to avoid dairy, animal and soy based products.

What makes this product different?

Use this this protein powder to help you lose weight or for weight gain, because of its fantastic nutrient profile it is perfect for slimmers and people following calorie restricted diets who want to lose weight.

The natural protein provides slow release of energy and combined with its dietary fibre content, makes you feel full and satisfied.

If you are recovering from illness and require a vitamin boost this readily available source of protein with high bioavailability provides an easily digestible source of nutrition that may be better than just taking vitamins.

A complete source of protein

High quality source of protein for people with an active lifestyle and high energy demands, such as vegan body-builders and weight lifters.

This complete protein that can be complemented with our hemp supplement for muscle building, as an effective substitute to animal derived products such as whey isolate.

Amino acid profile of this product

  • Rich in branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine)

  • Lysine (an essential amino acid)

  • Glutamine (involved in protein synthesis)

  • Richer in arginine (involved in immune system function and weight control) than any other commercially available protein.

Fortified nutrition facts

Unsweetened high biological value that is an excellent bioavailable superior form of protein.

The nutritional content is also rich in vitamins including :-

  • Vitamin A

  • Riboflavin

  • Niacin

  • Folate

  • Thiamine

  • Pantothenic acid

  • Pyridoxine

  • Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin K

Also high in minerals including:

  • Calcium

  • Iron

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Phosphorus

  • Copper

  • Manganese

This supplement benefits from also including other nutrients such as :-

  • Both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre

  • Lutein (a nonprovitamin A carotenoid)

  • Phyto-nutrients / phytosterols (especially ß-sitosterol) and antioxidants.

Natural ingredients

Nutrition facts, bio-available and complete vegetable protein with the benefits of 9 beneficial herbs and phyto-nutrients, an excellent source of dietary fibre that is easily digested with no bloating!

500g per pot, contains 90% pea protein and 10% beneficial herbs and phyto-nutrients.

Serving Size - 30g

Servings Per Container - minimum 16

Each pot contains Amount per 100g Amount per 25g serving
Pea protein   
Green tea (40% polyphenols)  
Acai berry   
Dandelion root   
Baobab fruit   
Stevia leaf extract  
Energy1541kJ/364 kcal385kJ/91kcal
- of which sugars1.7g0.4g
of which Saturates0.7g0.17g
  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free
  • Lactose free
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colourings
  • Yeast free
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Serving suggestions

Mix 1 serving (25g to 30g) into water, fruit or vegetable juices etc.., 1 - 3 times per day.

  • This supplement contains between 16 and 20 servings per pot, based on a 25g - 30g serving.

  • Can be mixed with liquids of your choice including water, juice and milk alternatives.

  • Can also be combined with our hemp and 100% organic green superfood powder blend as part of a healthy diet.

The powder has a slightly pleasant texture and it is unsweetened so tastes completely natural.

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