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1PSA Levels Test Kit
Product Name: Prostate Cancer Home Screening Test

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Prostate health test kit (Home PSA test)

Prostate Health Test kit, a prostate specific antigen (PSA self-test) home screening blood test for men to check if PSA levels are in the normal range.

This test provides accurate reliable results in minutes.

By using this prostate health test kit you can check for high or low PSA values and determine if your PSA score readings are in the normal range for your age.

If prostate cancer is detected, caught in time and treated in its early stages the cure rate is over 90%.

Why should you use this prostate test?

Prostate cancer can occur if cancer cells grow uncontrollably.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in men is a protein made by the prostrate gland, it is naturally released into the bloodstream in very small amounts.

When there is a problem with the prostate and it enlarges more PSA is released, you can use this test to check for a raised PSA levels which can offer a early indication for issues with the prostate gland such as the development of prostate cancer.

Elevated PSA levels can be due to 3 conditions.

  • Enlargement of prostate gland

  • Prostatitis or a urinary infection.

  • Onset of prostate cancer

Because of prostate cancers late onset in life you are more lightly to die with it rather than of the prostate cancer condition.

It is unusual for men below the age of 50 years old to develop prostate cancer, typically it is the diagnosis of prostate cancer occurs in men who are 70 years old or over.

It is advisable to take the test and monitor your PSA levels regularly as an increase can be detected before any symptoms of the condition have manifested.

Contents of the PSA test include:

  • A test cassette

  • Dropper in a foil pouch

  • Buffer solution

  • Lancet

  • Instruction leaflet with clear and easy to follow step by step instructions

Please read the full instructions of the enclosed in the PSA test kit box before attempting the test.

  • Use lancet contained in the test to obtain a drop of blood from your finger for the required blood sample

  • Sample required for the test is a few drops of whole blood

  • Methodology: A visual evaluation of increased PSA levels

  • Evidence: Rapid results after exactly 10 minutes read results on the test area

  • Contact your doctor to discuss your results if positive

The results

The Prostate test kit (PSA test kit) is a useful tool for anyone who is concerned about or has a familial history of this condition.

Always consult your doctor for further tests and diagnosis if the (PSA test) kit results are positive, it is only meant to give an indication of raised PSA levels, diagnosis by a specialist with tests conducted by a medical professional (usually a digital rectal examination) are advisable if you are concerned about the result from the self check.

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