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Protein for Vegans

Gluten and dairy free protein powder with added vitamins and minerals that provides an excellent source of protein. Vegan and vegetarian protein powder to help meet your daily nutritional requirements. Low calorie, sugar free, non lactose natural vegan shakes can be used by men or women as a high protein meal replacement drink to supplement your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

Nova Pea Protein Plus

Pea Protein Plus

500 g Powder

vegetarian ingredients vegan ingredients

Nova HempPro

Hemp Protein Shake

500 g Powder

vegetarian ingredients vegan ingredients

Nova Meal Shake

Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

300 g Vegan Protein Powder

vegetarian ingredients vegan ingredients

Nova Meal Shake

Meal Replacement Drink- Vanilla

300 g Vanilla Flavour Powder

vegetarian ingredients vegan ingredients

Vegan protein

Increase your daily protein intake with a range of natural products to help you top-up your daily protein requirements.

Ideal for bodybuilders and athletes, try one of our healthy formulas that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Non whey, pea rice and soya based Very high protein ratio with additional vitamins and minerals.

Protein is used by the body for many functions including the growth, development and repair of nearly all types of cells in the human body.

Protein is surprisingly required and used in the development of the hair, nails, skin, internal organs, connective tissues and ligaments.

What are proteins made of?

Proteins are constructed from an array of 20 different amino acids in a variety of combinations.

These combinations of amino acids can be classified in to groups, essential amino acids and non essential amino acids.

The difference between these two groups is that essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body naturally so must be consumed in our diet or by taking protein supplements.

What are good dietary sources?

In your diet can come from a number of animal, fish and plant sources, making sure you consume a balanced diet is important, sometimes it is beneficial to enhance your intake with drinks to complement your daily requirements.

For those who do not consume meat products there are great vegetarian and vegan alternatives available making it easier to get these essential amino acids in your diet if you consume a limited variety of food stuffs.

Why can benefit from plant-based products?

Many people enhance their daily diet with protein based drinks, those on restrictive diets, weight loss programs, weight lifters and body builders can benefit from increasing their daily intake.

Vegan and vegetable base protein from hemp, peas and soya are great alternatives to whey and ideal for vegetarians, vegans, people who are lactose intolerant and those wishing to only take high quality tasty protein drinks that are fortified with a whole range of nutrients and vitamins.

We sell a whole range of vegan dietary support why not take a look?

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