Special Offers

Special Offers

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Hi We have added loads of new product lately to our range, including the best mineral supplements from Trace Minerals Research. Lots of special offers and savings see our bargains page. Limited availability at these prices to avoid disappointment buy now!


See all our top natural slimming aids!
You can start getting in shape right now! Try one of our vegetarian and vegan weight loss supplements.
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vitamin D3
High quality vitamin D shot
Get the benefits of Vitamin D3 in an easy to consume orange flavour powders sachet
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Fulvic Acid Drops
Fulvic Acid the amazing natural mineral properties
Digestion, pH balance, energy production, hydration, cellular integrity, enzyme activity, muscle endurance
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Parent Essential Oils
Combat high cholesterol with Parent essential oils
Beneficial plant based omega oils, no contaminants such as mercury from fish oils.
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10% off 120 detox foot patches
Act now to get a great saving on our bulk packs of nova detox foot pads
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Balance pH
You should address pH levels
Balance your bodies acid alkaline levels. See why its important to monitor your pH
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