Urinary Tract Health

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Urinary Tract Health

Keep your Urinary tract healthy with products to support urinary track health, imncluding home testing kits and products to detect male and female UTI infections.

Care Diagnostica

Chlamydia Test Kit

1 Urine Test (Women Only)


Care Diagnostica Urinary Infection Health Care Test

UTI Test Kit

2 Tests


SelfCheck Home Screening Test

Urine Infection Test Kit

2 Tests


Nova SporeGone

Candida Supplements

60 Capsules

vegetarian ingredients

Trace Minerals Research Liquimins

Greens-Pak Multi Vitamins & Minerals One a Day

30 - 7.5g Sachets

vegetarian ingredients vegan ingredients organic ingredients

Nova Food State Vitamin C

Wholefood Vitamin C Powder 500 mg Veg-Caps

60 Capsules

vegetarian ingredients vegan ingredients

Trace Nutrients Vitamin C Plus

Vitamin C Plus

90 Tablets

vegetarian ingredients

DF Specialist Paper

pH Test Strips - 5.5 - 8

100 Strips


DF Special Test Paper

pH Test Strips 4.5 - 9

100 Strips


DF Special Indicator

Litmus Paper pH Test 5.5 - 8

5 Meter Roll


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