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Care Diagnostica UTI Test Kit

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By Care Diagnostica
2 Tests
Product Name: Urinary Infection Health Care Test

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Urine tract infection test for home use

Dipstick test kit for UTI infections, a urinary infection is an inflammation of the urinary collecting system and is generally caused by bacteria.

Men, women and children can contract urinary tract infections, however it is more common in women and it can occur in older men when an enlarged prostate gland obstructs the urine flow.

The early stages of infection can be a symptomatic, depending on whether the infection is in the upper (urethras, kidneys) or lower (urethra, bladder) urinary tract.

Early diagnosis prevents the proliferation of bacteria and the development of pyelitis (inflammation of the renal pelvis), which causes severe pain and fever.


The Care diagnostica UTI test kit contains:

  • 2 urinary infection testing dipsticks

  • Instruction for use


How do I perform the urine infection test?

You need to use a (first morning) urine sample, collected in a small container, to perform this test. Immerse the dipstick in the sample of urine and read the result after waiting for 60 seconds


What do the urine test results tell me?

This is a three-in-one test to detect the presence of white blood cells (leucocytes), proteins and nitrates in the urine. A positive result for any of these substances is shown by a change in the respective colour field on urinary tract infection testing kits dipstick.

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