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Weight Loss

Can we help with your weight loss plan? Select from our range of some of the best-natural weight loss products including, fat Metabolisers and raspberry ketones, to help you lose pounds. Nova weight management products may help you lose weight as part of your healthy diet and exercise program.

Trace Minerals Research S-Line

Raspberry Ketones 250 mg

30 Capsules

vegetarian ingredients


Acai Berry 1000 mg

100 Capsules

vegetarian ingredients vegan ingredients

Nova Thermothin

Thermogenic Fat Burners

72 Capsules

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Nova Meal Shake

Meal Replacement Drink- Vanilla

300 g Vanilla Flavour Powder

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Nova Meal Shake

Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

300 g Vegan Protein Powder

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Nova Fruit Powder Blend

Organic Baobab Superfruit Powder Blend

100 g

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Nova GreenNourish

Organic Green Superfood Powder

300 g Powder

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Nova Pea Protein Plus

Pea Protein Plus

500 g Powder

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Nova HempPro

Hemp Protein Shake

500 g Powder

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Nova MaxVits Superfoods

Organic Food Form Vitamins

100 Capsules

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Nova Active Beetroot

Cherry Beet 2650mg

60 Capsules

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Pure L-Glutamine Powder

100g Powder

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Trace Nutrients Thymus Complex

Thymus Complex

90 Tablets


Yeekong - This drink is no longer available check out our other Acai Berry items

Acai Berry Tea Bags

25 Bags

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Yeekong Beauty Slim - This product is no longer available check out our other weight loss aids

Chinese Slimming Tea Bags

20 Bags

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Supplements at great prices

Our weight loss products have received excellent reviews from our customers and most of our repeat orders come from recommendations, so you can buy from us with confidence.

Effective over the counter top diet pills that actually work with raspberry ketones, African mango, green tea extract and acai, safe, strong and fast herbal slimming products that work.

Slimming & diets we have the best products

We provide our slimming products and supplements to men and women in the United Kingdom made with the highest quality, powerful ingredients with no packers or fillers like many products on the internet.

Safe diet products that work fast such as best selling acai berry diet capsules, with cutting edge ingredients that are effective and pure.

Top slimming pills and strong herbal supplements, for weight management and control.

High quality diet products

Diet for good health, rapid diet pills to help you burn fat and lose weight, highest quality weight management capsules and meal replacement shakes for fast results.

Fat burning supplement and appetite suppressant combinations make a powerful slimming product and help you achieve dieting success.

Ideal diet supplements for women so you dont have to crash diet. healthy slimming teas, tablets to overcome weight problems.


Supplements to assist you including acai berry capsules, hoodia gordonii, superfoods for losing weight, supplements and foods to aid dieting and slimming.

Lose weight with fat burners, strong supplements for women and men, the best fat burners made without ephedrine ideal for belly fat reduction as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Diet shakes

Slimming products including, protein shakes for women, meal replacement shakes drinks to lose weight.

Diet protein shakes packed with vitamins and nutrients. Find tips, articles, diet sheets on our slimming blog and customer reviews.

Losing weight and dropping a few pounds in the quickest time possible is usually not a good idea, staying focused on a healthy diet that provides you with the nutrients gives you an energy boost is what you need.

The advantages of the holistic approach is that you will feel better about yourself you will also be helping train your body and mind to keep fit and healthy through your life.

Changing your behaviour and outlook is what is considered important by experts for long term successful weight loss.

If you just focus on cutting calories and not exercise, you will in all likelihood your will not be losing weight consistently, you need to change your behaviour in order to keep slim and toned.

You need to visualise your success think about the whole package, consuming healthier foods, doing more activity and not sticking to the same old habits.

Taking ownership of your health is the overall goal to maintaining your progress and in order to not give up and stop trying you need to break old habits, here are my top tips for success:

  • Stop drinking alcohol, it is packed full of calories that make you balloon.
  • Cut out fatty unhealthy sugary snacks and avoid fruit as its full of sugar.
  • Take the time to sit down and write a meal plan, work out what food is healthier and balanced not just eating anything you fancy.
  • Do more exercise, regular activity such as walking some form of sport or if you are feeling motivated think about joining a gym.
  • Dont be unrealistic focus on obtainable goals the ideal plan involves steady progress over a period of time,losing more than of 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1kg) in a week is unrealistic.

Lots of people want to lose a large amount of weight but you must consider a few things first.

If you suffer from any medical conditions or are taking medication it is advisable you have a chat with your doctor or physician, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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