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Carb Blocker - FATsorber (90 Capsules)

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Carb Blocker Supplement

FATSorber - Blocking Carbohydrates (90 Capsules)

New improved fat blocker capsules a slimming aid that helps to regulate sugar and food cravings that can lead to binge eating.

Containing the Chromium picolinate a natural mineral that plays a vital role in regulating your bodies carbohydrate metabolism, the process of converting foods in to sugars.

Chromium helps insulin a hormone that is released when we consume carbohydrates to move sugars to your bodes cells so that it can be stored as energy for later use.

Because of its impact on the regulation of insulin Chromium picolinate can also help to stabilise your blood sugar levels.

Keeping blood sugar levels balanced is helpful for people who are trying to control their weight as slimmers often experience high and low sugar spikes that are responsible for cravings and binge eating.

Garcinia cambogia (HCA) is also added to this formula, this is a fruit native to India and Asia, HCA "Hydrocitric acid" is a component of the fruits pulp and rind. Some studies have suggested that HCA could be involved in the process of inhibiting a natural enzyme known as citrate lyase.

Citrate lyase is involved in the bodies process of turning unused carbohydrates in the body into fat.

The ingredient Glucomannan is a natural sugar that is derived from the root of the konjac plant, a plant that has widely been used in Asia as a natural thickening or gelling agent in soups of food.

Glucomannan is commonly known in Japan as the broom of the intestines, it helps to make you feel full without the uncomfortable bloating feeling or having excessive gas.

Because Glucomannan absorbs water it expands in the stomach to creating a bulky fibre within the stomach, this reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol, in effect supporting weight loss by helping you to regulate your cravings and feel full and sated.

Green coffee extract is the latest new ingredient to be added to natural weight loss aids, green coffee is the bean before it has been roasted, in the un-roasted beans can be found a large amount of chlorogenic acid.

It is thought that this natural chemical found in the green coffee beans can help to regulate blood sugar levels and support a healthy metabolism.

Kidney bean extract or Phaselous vulgaris,is known in the weight loss community as a natural starch blocker or carb blocker.

This property is attributed to its ability to stop alpha-amylase, (a naturally occurring enzyme in the body) from digesting or breaking down carbohydrates into glucose (sugar).

The process of reducing the activity of the enzyme alpha-amylase means that there is a lower amount of glucose available in the body to turn into fat.

Kidney bean extract is also associated with the regulation and stability of blood sugar levels and increased energy levels.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is widely used in natural slimming pills, it has been researched extensively and has known powerful antioxidant properties that can play a role in supporting your immune system, the tissue of the muscles and also play a role in the bodies ability to effectively burn fats.

CLA may assist the body to lose weight acting as a natural weight loss support supplement by helping your metabolism burn existing fat as a source of energy in effect helping lower your bodies fat reserves.

When taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a calorie controlled diet research has shown that Conjugated Linoleic Acid can help the body preserve lean muscle and lower the bodies levels of fat.

Finally Cinnamon is known for supporting a healthy metabolism including the process of calorie and fat burning, regulating the bodies blood sugar levels and maintaining healthy insulin levels within the body.

As noted controlling insulin and blood sugar levels is an important aspect of weight loss as it is an integral component of controlling your appetite and cravings.

Ingredients in FATsorber

One capsule supplies  
Chromium Picolinate 100mcg
Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) 200mg
Glucomannan Powder (90%) 100mg
Congugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) powder 20mg
Green Coffee Extract 20:1 (equivalent to 1500mg green coffee powder) 75mg
Cinnamon Extract 30:1 (equivalent to 400mg cinnamon powder) 13.3mg
Kidney Bean Extract 4:1 (equivalent to 200mg kidney bean powder) 50mg
Other ingredients;Microcrystalline Cellulose  
Vegetable Cellulose Capsule 125mg

    Does Not Contain....
  • Dairy or lactose
  • Gluten or grains
  • Colours
  • Additives or preservatives
  • Added Sugar
  • Yeast


Take 1 capsule 2 to 4 times a day or as advised.

For best results take 30 minutes before a meal.

These natural fat blockers when taken as part of a calorie controlled diet with exercise may help you block fat and lose weight naturally.

Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans

Not to be used within 2 to 3 hours of taking beneficial oils such as GLA, EPA, EPO, Omega 3 and 6, fish oils etc.

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