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Bowel Health Test Kit (1 Test)

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Bowel Health Test Kit

Home Faecal Occult Blood Test Kit

Blood in stool testing kit, home bowel self check for traces of blood in the stool, often a sign of the onset of bowel health problems, Certain (FOB) faecal occult blood test kits.

Available through the UK, Scotland and Ireland, order by post for rapid delivery in discreet plain brown packaging to avoid any embarrassment.

No need to go to the pharmacy or chemist to purchase. CE approved bowel healthcare test for screening for colorectal cancer.

Early detection of the signs of colon cancer can be very important, most cases of blood in stool (poo) are nothing to worry about, but should always be checked out by your GP or the NHS.

About 95% of all cases of (colon colorectal) cancer result from benign pre-stages, so-called polyps, as these often have no symptoms they often go unnoticed until a cancer develops.

Usually colorectal cancer is more common in older people but younger people can also be effected by this disease.

Bowel cancer is one of the few types of cancer where the development of tumours can be prevented by early intervention.

If the polyp is found in time and removed, it can halt the development of the cancer.

A simple health screening check that looks for the presence of minute amounts blood in the stool as an indicator of polyps (and other bowel disease).

  • Positive results from the kit should always be referred to your doctor for further investigation.
  • This product can give an early indication of disorders.
  • Screens for the presence of blood in the stool (that can be an early indicator of colon cancer).
  • Simple and easy to use home health test supplied with full instructions.

We also supply h pylori home test kits if you suspect you have a stomach ulcer.

Contents in Bowel Test Kit

Contents of the health test

  • 1 sample bottle
  • 1 test disc
  • Instructions for use

Instructions for using Bowel Health Test Kit

The test works by detecting invisible (so-called occult or hidden) FOB traces of blood in the stool.

It is easy to perform the test with step by step directions included.

The product detects human bleeding specifically and accurately and is not influenced by diet.

Reading the test results

Each pack contains one faecal blood test device to detect even very small amounts of in the stool.

  • A positive result will be indicated by two test lines appearing in the test window.
  • A negative result is indicated by one line.
  • An unclear result will be indicted no lines appearing.

High quality home test kit for colorectal cancer FOB test to check a stool sample.

This health testing kit should not be used to replace professional medical opinion, it is provided to give an indication of the presence of the hidden blood in a stool sample in the comfort of your own home.

If you have any additional concerns or are still worried about a possible implications of bowel cancer please consult with your doctor or health care professional for further investigation.

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