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pH Test Strips (4.5-9) for Urine and Saliva (100 Strips)

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Quick Overview

Litmus pH test strips are a great way to monitor pH levels in water and the acidic pH levels in the body. Check you urine and saliva, providing you with an insight and clear indication of your bodies pH.
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pH Testing Strips

(4.5 - 9) pH Range

Litmus pH test strips are a great way to monitor pH levels in water and the acidic pH levels in the body. Check you urine and saliva, providing you with an insight and clear indication of your bodies pH.

Keep track of changes over a period of time, balance pH levels in your body by making changes to your diet, incorporating foods that balance your pH level, drinking alkaline water and changing your lifestyle.

The pH test strips we sell are highly accurate and can measure the bodies internal pH balance, providing you with clear measurable results in seconds, they differ from other sellers products in that the dual-pad on each strip, is easily matched against the chromagraphic chart for a precise readings every time.

Not like other kits sold on the web, our branded products are probably the most accurate pH test strips you can find, offering superior quality when compared to cheap alternative pH papers that are sold on the internet.

Our kits contain 100 pH indicator strips that are non bleeding and suitable for monitoring pH levels in the human body.

Because our pH test strips are exactly calibrated, the readings between pH 4.5 to pH 9.0 reliably correspond to the fluid you are measuring, making them ideal for balancing pH levels in your body.

You can test for pH levels in body easily, just dip the strips in to the sample of saliva or urine being tested for 10 seconds and observe the colour change.

These pH test strips are especially calibrated for accurately testing the pH balance in the body to help you monitor your acid alkaline state, we also supply a pH litmus test strip roll that is very highly rated.

if you are looking for 0 - 14 pH Indicator Strips then try these, with quad pads on the strip for a high degree of accuracy.

There are different procedures for testing pH levels in the body

Because the urine is more acidic in the morning it is recommended that you test the first and the second urine each day and combine the score, then divide by two to give you the mean reading.

The procedure to test yourself is simple, just place the pH strip directly in to the urine stream, remove any excess fluid by shaking the strip, wait 10 seconds and then compare the results with the urine pH test strip colour chart on the box, the resultant colour change indicates your urines pH.

The procedure to test saliva is slightly different

In order to get an accurate reading from the saliva you must wait two hours after eating before conducting the test.

Just get a spoon from the kitchen and spit saliva on to it, then take a pH strip and dip the end in to the fluid making sure both pads are covered, wait 10 to 20 seconds and read your pH levels.

The correct healthy pH for a urine sample is 6.8 and 7.2 for the first reading and the second should be 7.2 or above.

For a detailed explanation understanding what a healthy acid-alkaline balance should be and how to test acidic ph levels in the body you can read more here.

You can keep a diary of the results recording them day by day to build up an accurate picture of your acid alkaline balance.

Nova Health pH indicator strips are designed to provide an accurate reliable measurement of the internal pH balance of your body.

As outlined above they are simple to use to measure your bodies urine or saliva alkalinity levels.

Things to consider when using a pH test strip to check the saliva. Saliva can give a good indication of the state of your acid alkaline health.

However saliva has a higher acidity than blood so it would not be possible to directly compare the readings of both blood and saliva.

Because the saliva is involved with your digestion it is believed to provide an insight in to the alkaline and mineral state of your body.

The recolonised healthy pH level for readings of saliva is considered to be between 6.5 and 7.0 If the reading is lower than this it is an indication that your body requires alkaline buffering.

Increasing the consumption of foodstuffs that are high in alkalising minerals like calcium and magnesium will help to bring your pH back in to a normal range.

Health conditions associated with high pH levels in the body

  • Chronic fatigue
  • A tenancy to develop colds
  • Skin problems - rashes
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches

In the long term if not addressed cells begin to die and turn in to acidic waste.

Deviation from optimum pH levels may result in

  • Sharp energy loss
  • Emotional imbalances
  • Depressed immune system

When the body is too acidic as a result of

  • Acid forming foods
  • High fat diet
  • Mucus forming foods and toxic food residues.

Disease and infections can proliferate, this is especially true in cases of arthritis and rheumatic situations.

The human body should be slightly alkaline in order to build an alkaline reserve for acid-forming conditions such as

  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor dietary habits

Detect high levels of pH in urine, this gives you an insight in to how well your body is managing to maintain the proper pH of your blood.

Because the urine samples provide an accurate picture about how well your kidneys are functioning to regulate your pH levels.

Urine pH can vary widely form very acidic pH 4.0 to very Alkaline 9.0 so staying in the optimal range of 6.5 to 70 should be your target.

For more information refer to our video about how to test your pH or our detailed guide about maintaining the correct water pH balance in your body.

When you purchase pH test strips from us you can rely on the accuracy of the results, continue to monitor your body pH acid alkaline values daily to help maintain the optimum internal health.


100 high quality duel pad pH strips


Simply place the solution to be tested in a container or plastic spoon and insert the test strip for a second, wait 20 seconds and compare with colour chart on the packaging to determine pH levels in the solution.

What are the uses of alkaline test strips?

  • Evaluate alkaline pH urine levels in the morning,
  • Monitor the acid alkaline balance in the body with pH strips,
  • Discover alkalinity of water sources,
  • Check acid alkaline levels of tap water,
  • Monitor pH of aquariums and fish tanks,
  • Test the pH of soil,
  • Check uric acid levels.

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