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Liquid Oral EDTA Chelation Therapy (100ml)

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Quick Overview

HM-ChelatTM is a patented EDTA oral chelation agent used for the extraction and removal of heavy metal ions based on polyaminopolycarbonic acid (DiCalciumEDTA).
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Liquid EDTA Chelation Therapy

Why use oral chelation therapy? The natural state of our body must be alkaline when we are born, our body is very alkaline.

As we grow older, out body becomes more acidic, excessive acidity is often caused by :-

  • Acid forming food that we consume
  • The inability to eliminate accumulating toxins, stress, etc.
  • The air we breathe
  • The water we drink
  • Contamination of our body by heavy metals

Most food today is devoid of essential nutrients, this lack of nutrients prevent the body from getting rid of toxins that accumulate over time.

Heavy metal toxicity treatment with EDTA oral chelation

HM-ChelatTM is a patented EDTA oral chelation agent used for the extraction and removal of heavy metal ions based on polyaminopolycarbonic acid (DiCalciumEDTA).

Oral edta chelation HM-ChelatTM is not suitable for helping situations involving acute mercury toxicity or very high ion loads of other metals.

To test for heavy metals we also offer specialist heavy metal water test kits.

Or try hair test for heavy metals for accurate laboratory results with dietary recommendations.

Our liquid oral chelation product is best and most effective as a low to medium therapy for light to chronic heavy metals toxicity.

It has its greatest value as a middle and long term therapy for sub-acute or chronic heavy metals toxicity.

HM-ChelatTMworks gently and is easier to administer than most chelator's.

A program of between 6 - 12 months is suggested for an appreciable reduction of the heavy metals load.

This is done without disturbance to the vital metals minerals balance that is essential for the proper healthy state of the body. It is so gentle that even a baby can use.

At first mobilization of heavy metal ions out of the body can and often cause serious side effects.

HM-ChelatTMis non-toxic and can be added to drinking water.

Oral chelator that chelates all transition metals, makes them electronically neutral, which means that the body can use the metals it needs (calcium, iron, zinc, copper, etc.) and eliminate those it does not (mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.)

When the body cannot chelat toxic metals by locking the heavy metal ions onto an amino acid (EDTA) to"neutralise" the electric charge its chelation ability must be improved by supplementation.

This can be achieved by using HM-Chelat, an EDTA chelation liquid oral supplement, which has been clinically tested for efficiency and toxicity.

HM-ChelatTM works through the creation of a magnetic gradient in the blood after it has been absorbed following ingestion.

The heavy metal ions "floating freely" in the blood are neutralized and bound up by HM-Chelat. This causes a "vacuum" in the blood, i.e..., free of heavy metal ions, which then cause a "pull" on heavy metal ions trapped in the tissues and organs of the body to be released.

Through this process the heavy metals load is slowly and surely eliminated.

EDTA chelating liquid ingredients

A gentle heavy metals chelation treatment without disturbing the essential trace metals minerals balance in the body with natural chelation therapy.

An EDTA Oral Chelation Product so gentle that even babies can use it.

Composition of HM-ChelatTM (in 100ml distilled water)
Citric acid 3 mg
Sodium bicarbonate 3 mg
Sodium edetate 2 mg
Potassium (as Potassium Chloride) 1 mg
Calcium in calcium chloride 0.5 mg
Sodium (as Sodium Chloride) 0.5 mg
Distilled Water  


HM-ChelatTM contains a complex forming agent (DicalciumEDTA) and stabilized oxygen electrolytes.

The oxygen electrolytes oxidise the SH groups into SO3 2-groups or SH-ions into sulphate. SH-ions are ubiquitous in the gastrointestinal tract and form very strong bonds with heavy metals.

The bonds of newly formed SO32 or sulphate groups are reduced, thus allowing a very low concentrated dose of DicalciumEDTA to easily bind with the heavy metal ions.

In an acidic environment - stomach, intestines, etc. - DicalciumEDTA forms a high complex bond with mercury, cadmium and lead. Consequently, heavy metal ions coming from food, teeth, roots, bile, etc. are chelated and eliminated and not reabsorbed through the intestinal tract.

Decreasing the uptake of mercury ions in the blood and creating a high electromagnetic gradient in the gastrointestinal tract, new heavy metals ions are pulled from the organs into the blood which is eliminated in urine and faeces.


  • Adults: 30 drops in a litre of distilled water** daily
  • Children (3-12 years) : 20 drops in a litre of distilled water** daily
  • Babies: 10 drops in 0.5 litre distilled water** daily
  • Mineral supplementation may be recommended when using HM-Chelat.

If distilled water is unavailable then bottled water is ok, but you must preferably test it for heavy metals first.

HM-ChelatTM should not be used when pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing chemotherapy.

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