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Hemp Seed Protein Power Shake - HempPRO (500g)

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Quick Overview

Hemp seed protein powder meal replacement shakes, vegan unflavoured unsweetened protein fortified with vitamins, minerals and plant based nutrients.
Product Name : Meal Replacement

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Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Hemp meal replacement shakes, vegan unflavoured unsweetened protein fortified with vitamins, minerals and plant based nutrients.

Manufactured in the Great Britain with non-GMO pure and natural ingredients, this healthy high protein hemp supplement has a great amino acid profile.

Easy to mix, with zero added sugar making it a good source of protein for men or women who are dieting, slimming or following a restrictive weight loss program.

Can be used to help gain muscle after a workout, great for weight gain as a body-building recovery drink (the best alternative to whey).

Hemp is an excellent protein source, its gluten free, non dairy and low carb, it contains all 21 known amino acids, and the 9 essential ones adult bodies are unable make.

The amino acid profile of hemp-seed is very close to being a complete protein in comparison to common sources of proteins like for example meat, milk, soy and eggs.

One 30g serving of this protein supplement contains a high yield of 13.9g of pure high bio-availability protein.

A complete vegetarian and vegan supplement fortified with vitamins, minerals and nutrients from a range of 15 super-foods and herbs plus dietary fibre that you probably wont find in cheaper brands.

Easily digestible Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Hemp is easy to digest and has no unpleasant side effects such as flatulence, bloating or a blocked nose that many users experience with dairy or whey based proteins that contain lactose.

No other single plant source provides complete protein nutrition in such an easily digestible form.

The essential fatty acids found in hemp have a perfect ratio of 3:1 omega 6 and omega 3, omega oils help with :-

  • Maintaining a healthy circulation,
  • Support the heart,
  • Nourishing the skin & healthy hair,
  • Supporting joint lubrication,
  • Boosting your immune system,
  • Balancing the bodies acid alkaline profile.

Hemp is excellent source of high quality protein, it is great for :-

  • Body builders helping to support muscle repair after a work out.
  • Helping to keep your bowels regular, supports digestion and helping detox the colon with soluble dietary fibre.
  • Slimmers and people on a weight loss diet, high protein content helps to take away hunger pangs.
  • People suffering from IBS, ulcerative colitis and leaky gut syndrome.

Ingredients in HempPro Protein Powder

Contains a minimum of 16 servings per tub based on 30g servings.

Nutritional info per 100g 30g
Energy 1457kJ / 348 kcal 437kJ / 104kcal
Protein 46.4g 13.9g
Carbohydrate 8.8g 2.6g
of which sugars 6.9g 2.0g
Fat 10.5g 3.1g
of which saturates 1.1g 0.3g
of which mono-unsaturates 1.1g 0.3g
of which polyunsaturates 7.6g 2.2g
Fibre 16.3g 4.9g
Sodium 0.0g 0.0g
Ingredients 100g  
Hemp protein powder (90%)    
Acai berry (freeze-dried)    
Citrus Aurantium    
Dandelion root    
Green tea    
Ground celery    
Montmorency cherry    
  • Contains No
  • Dairy or lactose
  • Gluten or grains
  • Free from pesticides and herbicides
  • Additives or preservatives
  • Free from Hexane
  • Does not contain genetically modified organisms GMO
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


15g to 30g taken 1 to 3 times per day, can be mixed in with fruit juice, yoghurt or other foods and liquids.

Many people love the taste as it is and simply mix with water.

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