3 Essential Minerals You Are Probably Missing


Everybody hears about them and knows they should ‘have them’ but don’t know what they are for.

Health fanatics talk about how important vitamins and minerals are for functioning properly and yet a lot of ‘health’ professionals don’t really know how much of each mineral is required. More importantly, they don’t realise they are specific to each person.

We are here to make it easier for you. We are going to look at three of the most important minerals you should have which are Magnesium, Calcium and Selenium.


This is particularly important for women and, put in simple terms, it is vital for energy production, nutrient metabolism, cell and bone formation, and blood coagulation. Let us explain.

Energy production is pretty straight forward, if you are feeling low in energy then you may be lacking in magnesium. It can be taken in capsule form and now it is most commonly known to be found in Epsom Salts. These are great by the way because anything you put on to your skin is soaked through in 16 seconds so it reaches your blood supply quicker to be carried around your body.

Cell and bone formation are common sense and blood coagulation is essentially blood transforming from a liquid to a gel like texture to clot, which is absolutely vital if you cut yourself as it prevents further blood loss.


This is similar in some respects to magnesium as it’s necessary for blood clotting and bone formation. It’s also vital though for regulating muscle contractions including your heartbeat.

You may be wondering what muscle contractions are vital for. Well, your muscles are connected to your bones so muscle contractions help you with flexibility and the movement of your bones. Oh let’s not forget calcium is good for healthy strong teeth too!


This is super important for cognitive function, a healthy immune system and fertility, would you believe?

Cognitive function is primarily concerned with the brain and covers memory, concentration, attention and retention of information. So, if you are feeling slightly brain foggy and have a short memory it’s definitely worth getting tested for this.

A lot of people suffer from colds and viruses but, if the immune system was healthy, then the person would be healthier too. A healthy immune system starts with the gut being 80% responsible for your immunity.

As for fertility, which relates to both men and women, some people see right past testing for minerals when it comes to this. Consequently, they just wouldn’t know if it was something as simple as a shortage of minerals in their system, particularly calcium.

Is it important getting tested for minerals then? Yes, you bet. Particularly based on the above, and healthy levels of those three minerals could already make a difference to your health.

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