Are you struggling to lose weight? Follow these 5 quick tips for fast and effective weight loss…

1. Make exercise fun
One of the main reasons people fall behind with their fitness goals is that they create exercise routines which are repetitive, dull and uninspiring. Instead of forcing yourself to do the same thing every gym session, spice it up by choosing activities that you actually enjoy. Why not switch from running on a treadmill to pole dancing? Or how about turning the Stairmaster into a Zumba class?

2. Don’t deprive yourself
When trying to lose weight, it’s easy to succumb to the ‘diet’ mentality. If you want to keep yourself healthy as well as shed the pounds, then you have to learn not to deprive yourself or skip meals. Denying yourself food will only make you want it more! Try to incorporate your favourite foods by reducing the portion size or looking for similar healthy alternatives.

3. Boost your immune system
Losing weight is difficult when you are under the weather. So, keep yourself fighting fit by taking supplements designed to keep your immune system in check. Nova’s Green Superfood Powder Supplement will support your immune system by making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs.

4. Diversify your diet
If your diet is diverse and exciting, you are less likely to turn to unhealthy alternatives to satisfy hunger pangs. Make sure that your meal plan is different each week, as too much routine can lead to boredom-eating. Add diversity to your diet by trying new ingredients and flavours. You could even take a cooking class to learn about foods from around the world as well as picking up some healthier cooking techniques.

5. Increase energy levels
It’s no good having a fantastic fitness regime if you don’t have the energy to exercise. So, make the most of your fitness classes by ensuring that you are suitably energised. Instead of relying on coffee to keep you awake, try natural alternatives such as Pharmanex’s Tegreen Food Supplement. One capsule of this antioxidant formula contains the equivalent of 7 cups of green tea, but since it’s 99% caffeine-free it won’t keep you up at night!