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5 Failed Dieting Fads

5 Failed Dieting Fads

It’s one thing that has never disappeared from our vocabulary. Diets.

Love them or hate them, a bit like Marmite, they are certainly here to stay. At any one point there are 1 in 4 of us on a diet, and yet it is reported that over half of the population are overweight. Some people are happy with the way they are, some don’t know which is the best diet is to follow, some diet day in and day out without really maintaining a healthy level of weight consistently.

Some diets came and went quicker than Wigfield on a Saturday night, and here we talk about those that were complete fads and thankfully are not too popular these days.

The Alkaline Diet

Cutting out dairy, meat, sweets, alcohol, caffeine, and processed food, it’s built around keeping your body in a good PH balance. However, there is little evidence to show that cutting out these foods affects it, and besides, your body is regulated to maintain a good PH balance anyway. This diet is extremely time consuming and particularly complicated, and there isn’t really a lot of evidence to say it has worked and can remain sustainable.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Yuk! We don’t know anybody who could eat just cabbage soup three times a day for a week. It apparently worked because it was low calorie, full of water and fibre, and so essentially it helped you feel full for a longer period of time. However, there are healthier and more nutritious ways of doing this with a healthy eating regime with more variety than just cabbage.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

It is true that sleeping well can help you lose weight because between the hours of 11pm and 3am, your body heals mentally and physically. So, you should certainly aim to be sound asleep between those hours. To claim though that you can diet through sleeping is a bit far-fetched, based more on the common sense that you are not going to eat whilst you are asleep. Everybody has a great life to live though so don’t sleep for too long.

The South Beach Diet

This originated in the US and was slowly drip fed to the UK about 10 years ago. Concentrating on lean protein, low fat dairy, grains, vegetables and fruit, it seemed to last a couple of years then disappeared again. First introduced by a US based cardiologist to help prevent heart disease, people realised you can achieve the same results by maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

The Atkins Diet

The ‘eat all the meat you want’ diet that significantly restricted your carb intake to begin with was all the rage a few years back. As with many other diets, the aim was to reduce sugar-fuelled foods and beverages as well as flour based products. All in all, there were claims that the diet lacked calcium, which as we know is important for bone density and health.

Always check with a medical professional before undertaking a particular diet, eat healthily, watch your alcohol intake, and maintain regular exercise. We have a wide range of products available to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, browse the full selection here.

What Are The Benefits of Acai Berries?

Benefits of Acai Berries

Acai berries took the health market by storm about 7 years ago and became famous for their health benefits, and the fact that you don’t have to eat many each day to feel great.

Sometimes, away from the medical profession where tablets are dispensed a plenty, yet you still don’t feel as if they are helping you improve, a supplement is required. They support and supplement your system for optimal health and fill in the gaps of what you’re missing.

Acai berries are most definitely one of those superfoods. Whilst the word superfood has become slightly overused and some are getting fed up of hearing it, in this case it is still most definitely relevant.

Some of the benefits of this tiny fruit are:

Acai Berries For Your Heart

If you don’t look after your heart, it’s unlikely you are going to remain in optimal health for long. Acai berries offer the same benefit as red wine, obviously we are not talking alcohol here, and the berries are definitely better for you. They are loaded with anthocyanin which is an antioxidant and plant sterols which are naturally found in this tiny superfruit. Between them they help lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, improve blood circulation, and relax all blood vessels to ensure a consistent blood flow to the heart and body.

Sex Life Gains With Acai Berries

Sometimes it’s not all about the woman. The Acai berry can burst into your life and your sex life. Because they are known to increase blood circulation, this can naturally boost your sex drive. Go on and try it. It can only do you good.

Weight Loss Diets With Acai Berries

Acai berries can provide a natural energy boost and help even out blood sugar levels. In which case, you are more likely to want to go to the gym to boost your exercise regime. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fibre to support a low calorie intake, and increased energy means you burn more fat. Always remember though you are looking to take these alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

Anti-ageing isn’t about how old you are

From sun damage, to alcohol, to stress which is one of the biggest contributing factors to looking older, a lot of people now want a solution to prevent it, or turn back time. With 10x the amount of antioxidants contained in grapes and 2x the amount in blueberries, antioxidants in Acai berries can help reverse or stop the anti-ageing process.

Do you want healthy skin?

Taken instead of chemically loaded skincare products, Acai berries that are full of antioxidants will give you a healthy glow. Plus, you have the added benefit of not smothering yourself in cream that doesn’t work. They can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions.

Take 4 a day to assist with any of the above but always seek medical advice first if you are already taking medication.

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