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Mercury Home Test Kit (1 Test)


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Mercury Home Test Kit (1 Test)

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Product Overview

Home mercury testing kit for mercury toxicity, mercury poisoning and contamination in water, soil and the human body.

Read Full Description

Full Description

Mercury Urine Test Kit

Home mercury testing kit for mercury toxicity, mercury poisoning and
contamination in water, soil and the human body.

You can get tested for mercury poisoning with this self screening tester
kit for mercury toxicity.

The testing kit provides a reliable indication of the levels of mercury
ions in a fluid sample such as urine, or you can check drinking

Many people are concerned about their health due to mercury poisoning
from amalgam fillings in teeth or exposure through their diet from
eating fish.

Testing the urine is a more reliable way to check for mercury
as it is stored in the bones, organs or fat deposits and be excreted by
the body over time.

Get reliable easy to read results, you can use this
product to check most home exposure sources, colour change
indicates mercury
ions ppm.

Testing for mercury poisoning in the body

Home test kit to check for analysis of body fluids such as urine for
heavy metal mercury contamination.

HMT tests are useful if you think you may be experiencing mercury poison
symptoms and wish to cleanse and detox the body so it is free from this
toxic metal.

Toxic effects of mercury heavy metal contamination is poisonous,
ingestion of mercury is dangerous and can lead to illness and in some
case be fatal.

The usual way people check for its presence is either in urine or a hair
sample, we regularly supply this product to dentists
wishing to check their staff for mercury exposure in the workplace.

Test urine and water samples for mercury levels if you
are concerned about mercury pollution exposure.

Testing for mercury poisoning from fillings

This test is not suitable for testing for
mercury poisoning from fillings
, when saliva is tested and
there are strong digestive enzymes present, these digestive enzymes may
affect the final outcome of the test.

Mercury toxicity heavy metal poisoning symptoms

  • Central nervous system problems

  • Endocrine system damage

  • Kidneys and other organs damaged

  • Mercury immune system damage

  • Mercury poisoning is linked to multiple sclerosis

Mercury poisoning adversely affects

  • The mouth

  • Gums and teeth

Mercury poisoning signs and symptoms

Dangers of mercury poisoning - over long periods of time or heavy
exposure to mercury vapour can result in brain damage and ultimately
death. Elemental mercury toxicity is particularly toxic to foetuses and

Women who have been exposed to mercury in pregnancy have sometimes given
birth to children with serious birth defects (see Minamata disease) also
research suggests autism and mercury poisoning could be related.

Some of the toxic effects of elemental mercury poisoning are reversible,
either through specific therapy or through natural elimination of the
metal after exposure has been discontinued.

Mercury exposure in very young children can have severe neurological

However, heavy or prolonged exposure can do irreversible damage,
particularly in foetuses, infants, and young children.

Exposure to certain highly toxic compounds of mercury such as dimethyl
mercury can lead to fatal mercury toxicity symptoms within hours or less.

Mercury testing kit contents

Mercury testing kit contents

  • 1 Colour strip on box of the kit

  • 1 Large test tube

  • 1 vial with clear cap - reagent 1

  • 1 vial with blue cap - reagent 2

  • 1 vial with reddish brown substance - reagent 3

Testing for mercury levels in the body preparation

Mercury testing kit preparation

  • Remove the 3 small plastic ampoules from the large test tube

  • In the empty large test-tube, add 6 ml. of the solution to be tested

  • Add the colourless liquid from the blue cap vial (reagent 2) to the
    solution to be tested in the large test tube ( combined
    ). Turn the test large test tube gently up and down
    a few times (at least 3) to make sure that the 2 liquids are well
    mixed together

  • Add the colourless liquid from the clear cap vial (reagent 1) to the
    reddish brown substance in the red cap vial (reagent 3). Close the cap
    of the red cap vial and shake until the reddish-brown substance has
    been mostly dissolved ( mixed solution ). This might
    take a little while

  • The solutions are now ready for testing for the presence of mercury

How to test for mercury poisoning usage

Mercury testing method:-

  • Pour the mixed solutions (reagents 1 and 3) in the
    vial with the reddish brown substance into the large test-tube
    containing the combined solutions (reagent 2 and solution to
    be tested for mercury)

  • Allow combined solutions in the large test-tube to settle for 6
    minutes - no shaking is required but you may have to tilt the test
    tube or roll it gently a few times to make sure the solutions are
    mixed well to obtain a true and accurate colour change

  • Compare the colour of the combined solutions in the large test-tube to
    the colour strip provided.

  • The number on the colour strip indicates the concentration of mercury
    ions present in the solution in ppm

  • If the concentration of the mercury ions is higher than 2 ppm the
    solution will change into a strong pink colour after a period of time

  • If the concentration is extremely low or no mercury ions are present,
    the colour of the solution will clear and become almost colourless
    after a period of time, Instead of becoming colourless, the solution
    may turn into a different colour (such as green )

Mercury heavy metal testing water preparation

No preparation is necessary for testing mercury contamination in water
with this diagnostic test for mercury poisoning.

Mercury drinking water test, urine test for mercury or other water
samples collected can be tested for mercury and the reaction (result)
would be immediate.

Always use first morning water sample from faucet or tap. Use 3-4 ml of
the water sample.

Mercury urine test kit usage

How to use the test as a mercury urine test kit, take sample of urine
from the first morning urine.

Testing other materials for mercury

Take a small sample of material (for example soil) to be tested for
mercury, place it in a plastic container. Add approximately 30ml of
distilled water in to the container with the sample and shake vigorously
then leave for 24 hours.

Then take the solution and test for mercury.

Mercury poisoning test results

Mercury testing kit results, result is measured accurately in parts per

Common exposure sources to check if you need to detox from mercury such
as :

  • Fish mercury poisoning ( mercury poisoning from eating fish, mercury
    in tuna / canned tuna, mackerel)

  • Mercury contamination in water samples

  • Mercury emissions from factories

  • Mercury hazardous waste exposure

  • Mercury poisoning fluorescent light bulbs exposure

  • Mercury thermometers

  • Mercury vapour exposure

  • Mercury in soil

Hair testing and mercury, try our hair analysis test for an accurate
test for heavy metals and minerals in the body.

NB: The mercury test results can be affected by the presence of ions
from gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, platinum, iridium, ruthenium
(noble metals) as well as tin.

Mercury heavy metal test caution

  • Please keep the heavy metal test kit in a safe place
    away from the reach of children or pets.

  • Once the test has been completed dispose of the solution safely by
    flushing down the toilet.

  • The contents of the kit should not come in to contact with food or

  • Wash hands after use.

Ingredients & Dosage

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