Making small changes add up to a big difference.

The festive season is long gone, most people have abandoned their new years’ resolutions and Dry January is over. While some people start the new year with ambitious, life-changing goals, sometimes it’s good to work on smaller, more achievable goals over a longer period of time.

Be more active!

It’s time to dust of those running shoes and give your fitness regime another go. Everyone knows that the gym is busy at this time of year with everyone looking to get fit. Going to the gym, joining an exercise class and getting a personal trainer is all well and good but we know that not everyone can do that. So try a workout routine in the comfort of your own home. There are lots of resources available online that require minimal equipment.

There are also programmes running in many areas such as Couch to 5k. This starts with a brisk 5 minute walk all the way up to a 30 minute run. Available as an app to work on in your own time or there are meetings and clubs available to help motivate you.

Eating Healthier

You are what you eat. Changing your diet can be one of the biggest and simplest tweaks you can make.

Cut down on sugars and saturated fats. Avoid fatty meats, butter, hard cheese and stay away from fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate.

Try planning your meals for the week ahead. That way you’re more likely to stick to it rather than wandering the supermarket and getting tempted every evening.

When you’re planning your meals, look to include more fish, vegetables and fruit. Then be cautious about your portion size when it comes to plating up.

It’s probably best to avoid fad based diets. The results are much quicker but you’re much more likely to break your diet and relapse back into your more comfortable eating habits and any progress made will be lost.


It’s important to ensure your body has all the nutrients that it needs in order to be fitter and healthier. It might be that you need to top up your iron or you need a little more vitamin D in your life.

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