Wholesale detox foot patches

Trade enquiries are welcome, Nova health products offer a range of products to the trade including

  • Certain home health test kits and professional use kits
  • Nova detox foot pads

All of our products featured in this store are available at discounted prices for bulk purchases.

Please contact us for further details.

Wholesale Toxic Removal Foot Pads, wholesale Detox Foot Patches and heavy metals test kits, wholesale supplier of bulk trade orders for detox patches and detox kits to the businesses in the UK, Ireland and Worldwide.

Nova health products wholesale detox foot pads supplier

Buy wholesale detox foot patches at trade prices, we are looking for worldwide distributors for Nova detox foot pads

Buy detox patches wholesale
Nova health products.ltd are the official supplier of “Nova detox” high quality detox foot patches to the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.

We provide extensive information on our site explaining how detox foot patches work, what they are made from and how to use them.

We have “own branded” our detox foot pads in attractive packaging, with easy to follow instructions on how to use them.

Nova health products.ltd offer a price break incentive scheme, increasing you order volume will allow you to purchase wholesale detox foot pads at some of the cheapest prices for detox foot patches in the UK and worldwide.

Domestic purchases of detox patches UK
If you are based in the UK or Ireland and have a small business, shop or web site and would be interested in reselling detox foot patches, the minimum order quantity is just 20 boxes of detox patches. (price breaks for higher volume)

International wholesale customers (worldwide)
If you are an international buyer we can offer you sole distribution rights for the Nova detox foot patch brand in your country (minimum orders required), however if their is no sole distributor and wholesaler of Nova detox patches in your county, we can offer you detox patches without the distributor agreement.

  • We offer you three alternative choices to our wholesale customers with different pricing structures.
  • We supply “Nova” branded wholesale detox patches pre boxed in the Nova detox packaging.
  • We supply detox patches with a flat pack box option – the detox patches can be purchased in bulk, pre packed in poly bags and the boxes supplied separately for you to inset the bags. (cheaper shipping alternative for international customers)
  • Alternatively you can buy detox patches in bulk, packed in poly bags with adhesive plasters and own brand them with your own packaging. We can arrange for the printing of your own branded packaging if required. (minimum order quantities apply for own branding the product and cost for artwork)

For bulk resellers of Nova detox foot pads
Resell our detox foot pads and we can help you succeed with –

  • A trusted brand name
  • Marketing materials
  • An Ecommence enabled web site (additional costs apply, contact us for details)

In the first instance please send an email with your details, providing as much information as possible as to your needs and we will get back to you shortly.

Contact us
Detox foot patches wholesale enquiries, send your email to: Nova Detox patches dealer enquiry