What Your Hair Says About You

Hair is so important to a person because it’s their identity. Women alone spend on average £460 a year on hair care and around 6 full days on washing and styling, and that’s just the time spent at home. Any time and money spent at salons is additional.

It’s important to most people how they look and you can tell the difference between the well groomed, and the folk that don’t put as much effort in. However, it’s not all about the styling. Whether you spend 6 minutes or 6 days a year on your hair it plays another important role.

Taking a strand of your hair and getting it tested can reveal a lot about your health. It can tell you which minerals you are deficient in and test toxin levels. So if you want to stay super healthy without leaving your home it may be a good way forward for you.

Let’s have a look at some other information and hair conditions your hair can tell you.


This is completely harmless and generally just dry flakey bits of scalp. You and your hair are probably dehydrated so make sure you drink plenty of water and get yourself a good hair treatment to moisturise intensely. Additionally, it could be a sign of dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis and, if this is the case, consult your doctor or an over the counter pharmacy if you are worried.

Sun Damage

Dry, brittle, bleached blonde, and split ends in your hair is usually a sign of too much sun. Wear a sun hat in really hot weather and get an intense hair mask, preferably one that you can leave in and has an SPF. This will help to protect you from the sun. Too much sun can burn your scalp which is a painful experience.

Shiny Hair

If your hair is looking and feeling a bit dull you can get it to look luscious through your diet. Go for foods contain Omega 3 such as oily fish, Vitamin A in carrots and spinach, Selenium through brazil nuts, and Zinc through cashew nuts.

Hair Loss and Alopecia

This is sometimes caused by stress and built up emotions that haven’t been released. Sometimes it comes from being too tough with your hair. Hair styles like pony tails, buns, plaits, pin ups, and head extensions all require harsh brushing. These can cause the hair to break and and fall out so be more gentle with that brush.

Drug Side Effects

Certain drugs for lowering cholesterol, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, birth control and menopause can cause hair loss. Generally though, when the drugs are stopped the hair does grow back.

Drug Testing

Did you know that you can be tested for drug abuse through your hair? In fact, it goes way back before urine samples. With your head hair it can detect as far back as 90 days and body hair 90+ days. Nobody really uses this anymore apart from the police but always something to bear in mind.

Brain Fog Anybody?

Did you know you can use hair testing as a blueprint to increase energy, reduce brain fog and increase performance? It detects what minerals are low in your system which are crucial for clarity, energy and performance.

Low Energy

If you have low energy you are likely to have certain minerals and nutrients missing and hair testing is a great way of finding out what you need. You can be tested for anything from Adrenal Fatigue, Inflammation and Thyroid Function to Mental Health. However, if you are concerned, please do seek medical advice.

The Hair Mineral Analysis Test will test for mineral deficiencies and toxin levels. Please note, that if you have any health concerns then you should visit your doctor as this test is not a replacement for professional medical advice.

At £69 though, it can give you peace of mind at home for staying in optimal health, plus you will receive a full lab report showing you every mineral and heavy metal level in your body.